Justine Reichman is the Founder and CEO of NextGen Purpose and the Host and Executive Producer of the Essential Ingredients podcast. Being an entrepreneur helps Justine understand the motivations and struggles of the founders, innovators, and impact investors she teams up with every day.  Her goal is not only to help strengthen individual better-for-you food businesses; but to raise global awareness through education, so the public can make more informed healthy choices. When the public demands better-for-you food, accessibility and affordability will follow.
Justine founded NextGenChef in 2018.  She has become recognized as a leading voice on raising awareness about sustainability, regenerative practices and the importance of global education surrounding better-for-you food.  She plans to take her efforts further: by investing in startups in the better-for-you food space through the NextGen Food Fund and by supporting policy and legislative change aimed at a healthier food system for our future.
Justine is a judge and mentor for Big Ideas at Berkeley, an annual innovation competition aimed at providing funding, support and encouragement to teams of UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students who develop solutions to address pressing social challenges.  She is a mentor at the Founder Institute and an auxiliary board member of the San Francisco Ballet.

Originally from New York City, Justine now lives in Larkspur, CA.
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