How to Incorporate Green Practices into Your Holiday Festivities

‘Tis the season for celebrating and getting together with those we love. The joy of the holidays can often times bring a surplus in the waste department from using disposable, single-use items like plastic cups and wrapping paper. We’d like to shed some light into ways to incorporate more earth-friendly practices into your holiday celebrations while maintaining your sacred traditions. 

Let’s start with what we at NextGenPurpose feel very passionate about: food and beverage

items. If you can’t break out the good china, invest in bamboo cutlery and plates, paper

straws and cloth napkins. Ditch reusable table cloths for the real deal and definitely avoid

any single use decorations, unless it’s flowers and greenery. You might consider adorning

your holiday table with fruits and vegetables but make sure to eat them later to avoid food

waste! (See our other blog from this month for more tips on that.) 

When it comes to the food, we know it’s the time of year to spoil your tastebuds with all the

treats but try and be mindful of cooking in excess by estimating just the right amount of

servings for your guests. Invest in functional and alcohol-free options like this Recess

Sparkling Water for your guests, which is organic and Kosher. 

If you can, do away the wrapping paper all together but if it’s just too engrained in your holiday ritual, look for recycled or biodegradable paper. You can even get the family involved by decorating each package with your own designs if you go the kraft paper route. Keep in mind that not all wrapping paper is recyclable after it's used due to things like glitter.  If your tradition is to give presents every night of say Hannukah, invest in some reusable gift boxes and designate one for each member of the family for each night. 

Sustainable holiday gifts

Another way you can go green this holiday is by giving the gift of sustainable gifts. Is it something the recipient can use a long time? Are you giving them something they want or need? Help your family become more sustainable by gifting the the gift of reusable items. We love these beeswax food wraps. You’ll be saving them money and helping the planet. What a victory for all.  Another way to give the gift of sustainability is to swap a physical gift altogether and give an experience that you and the recipient can do together. Tune into our blog next month for a thoughtful list of NextGen’s favorite sustainable gifts. 

These are just a few of the ways we love to incorporate sustainability into a time of year where everything comes in abundance. It may be a small change to you but a big move in favor of the earth. How will you incorporate mindful practices into your holidays? Tag us on Instagram to show how you’ll be living more sustainably this holiday season @nextgenpurpose. 

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