Hemp Milk

Plant-based milks have come a long way, especially in the last few years but still, there is much need for a cleaner product. Sadly, a lot of the dairy alternatives on the shelf leave a lot to be desired in the sustainability and nutrition departments. Compared to its competitors, hemp milk is superior in nutritional benefits and is, dare we say, good for the planet in terms of cultivation. With the demand for plant-based milks consistently rising, it makes sense to consider using more hemp. Brooke Harris of GoodMylk made a statement during our recent podcast that left us asking the question, “is hemp milk the future of milk?” Should hemp lead the industry of plant-based milk?

Next Gen’s conversation with Brooke Harris of GoodMylk sparked a conversation about hemp milk as the future of plant-based milks. Could one of the world’s most versatile crops eventually lead the industry? Let’s look into the benefits. Hemp milk is great for people with nut or oat allergies. Most people won’t have any sort of intolerance to hemp milk making it a really versatile product. NGP’s very own Justine Reichman has food sensitives to nuts, oats and dairy and she found that GoodMylk’s hemp milk was gentle on her body. Harris explained to our listeners that hemp has a natural balance of protein and healthy fat, which not only is great for health but allows it to create a really nice creamy texture for something like coffee.  Unfortunately, many plant-based milks on the market are full of not-so-good for you ingredients but hemp can allow for a cleaner product thanks to the ease and versatility of the growing process.  

It’s really no secret that hemp farming is incredibly sustainable but let’s look at some of the key points. Hemp crops require far less water than say almonds, which require roughly 1.1 gallons per almond. Really, almonds get a bad rap when the truth is that all nuts require a lot of water to grow and in the end, so many people are intolerant to them. The hemp plant doesn’t require the need to use as many pesticides, as it’s naturally resistant to many disease and pests. Growing hemp is good for the soil too and promotes healthy crop rotation. According to Hemp for Humanity, growing hemp also supports biodiversity, reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide, and serves as a sustainable source for thousands of products. Growing such a versatile plant that is so gentle on the environment in turn can help boost profit margins for businesses. 

Hemp seeds have high levels of Omega fats, which are notorious for combatting inflammation, and are high in several vitamins and amino acids. Hemp milk is also packed with more protein than its fellow nut and oat milks and contains a healthy dose of insoluble fiber, which promotes positive digestive health. Many dairy-free milks on the market don’t even contain enough nuts or oats to make them nutritionally viable. Hemp is incredible easy to grow and source, allowing for a super nutrient dense milk product. 

So now you have a plant that requires less water, pesticides and is better for the soil and environment overall and contains more nutrients than its competitors on the shelves. Hemp seems like the obvious answer here for not only plant-based milks but because who doesn’t want a cleaner end product? From a business standpoint, it can also be a highly profitable product considering the ease of growing it. We encourage you, the consumer, to seek out companies doing good things that align with how you live your life. As we always say, eating right is a human right and it’s really up to us to create the demand for a better product.  

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